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13 Tips for an Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle

By Dr. Jerry Mixon May 4, 2014


Inflammation can lead to increased risk of diseases. Follow these tips to combat a multitude of health issues, present and future.

  1. Eat organic produce, organic range-fed poultry, meat, dairy and eggs. Eating organic reduces the overall chemical stress on the liver, kidneys, and immune system.
  2. Eat vegetables of every color of the rainbow. The brighter the color, the higher the antioxidant level of the vegetable. Antioxidants soothe your body's chemistry.
  3. Reduce inflammation by balancing your blood sugars.
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Green Tea for Great Health

By Dr. Jerry Mixon July 23, 2013


Have you ever wondered why Asian cultures tend to be thin? Part of the answer may be green tea.

Fat cells, like every cell in your body, eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Green tea contains chemicals that inhibit the formation of new fat cells. They don’t do anything to the fat cells that already exist, but they do make it harder for your body to make new fat cells.

This means that green tea will not cause you to lose weight in the short run. But consistent consumption over a long period of time will make it harder and harder for your body to replace those fat cells as they wear out. And

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The Anti-Cancer Toolbox

By Dr. Jerry Mixon March 22, 2011

As a physician, there is probably no single question I get more frequently than “What causes cancer – and how can I avoid getting it?”

We human beings always tend to look for that “one elusive thing” that will solve our problems. Even doctors do it. But the reality is that many things in life are made up of many small factors which combine in mysterious ways to produce big results. Cancer is one of those big things. There are many relatively small contributors that “cause” cancer and affect how it grows and spreads, and this complexity is why questions about cancer’s cause and cure are so difficult to answer.

In this blog we’ll focus on a few tips for cancer prevention. In upcoming blogs we’ll consider some supplements you should consider that we believe will help reduce your risk of getting cancer, and also suggest some things you can do if you already have cancer.

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