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Tag : sexuality

When the Passion is Gone, There's Hope

By Dr. Jerry Mixon August 3, 2013

When it comes to making love, which is worse: losing desire or losing the ability?

We’ve all seen the ads for erectile disorder drugs. The massive profits being made from these drugs testifies to the perceived demand. But in my experience, a problem of equal if not greater importance is the loss of passion. All too often, the lack of sexual function is less an issue of blood flow, which is what those drugs are designed to address, but more frequently, the underlying problem is a loss of passion for life in general, including sexuality.

People who are so tired and stressed that they can barely drag themselves to the end of the day have very little left over for romance by the time the sun sets. My goal is usually to help my patients regain the drive, ambition, and enthusiasm for life that they had in past years. If we accomplish that, there is usually much less need for the ED drugs.

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Restoring Your Passion Really is Possible

By Dr. Jerry Mixon April 15, 2011

Do you remember how you felt and thought when you were 17 or 18? No, I’m not just talking about your adolescent obsession with your sexuality – I mean the feeling that the world was yours to conquer! Don't you remember that drive and ambition you had, that feeling that you could do just about anything? We all felt invincible and immortal at that age.

Your youthful optimism was not born merely out of naiveté and inexperience. In fact, that energetic, optimistic drive to conquer the world was largely a product of hormones – yes, those same raging hormones that drove your newly discovered sexuality. Most of the important hormones in our bodies were at their peak in our late teens: Testosterone, DHEA, Estrogen, Progesterone, Pregnenolone, Dopamine, Vasopressin, Oxytocin, Growth Hormone and Thyroid. High levels of these hormones were responsible for much of the passion as well as the emotional and physical energy of our youth.

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Sexual Vitality: A Better Approach

By Dr. Jerry Mixon April 5, 2011

Few topics are of greater interest to my patients than sexuality. And why not? A rich and rewarding sex life is something men and women enjoy and appreciate. But today’s advertising paints a pretty weird picture!

Most of you have seen the barrage of ads on TV and in newspapers and magazines for drugs claiming to cure “E.D” – erectile dysfunction. When I see these relentless ads for drugs like Viagra and Cialis, I always laugh at the fast talking disclaimer at the end, where the announcer (reading a script surely written by the Legal Department) says something like, “Be sure to check with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough for sexual activity.” The purpose of this disclaimer is to protect the company: if you do get over excited and topple over dead while making love, this careful wording ensures that it’s your family doctor who gets sued rather than the multi-billion dollar drug company.

But it also raises a larger and more

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