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Longevity Essentials daily multi-vitamins

By Longevity February 26, 2013

Dr. Jerry Mixon talks to Margaret Larson on New Day Northwest on the use of vitamin supplements.  First it is important to understand that a pill can only contain a certain amount of nutrients and thus does not answer one’s entire health needs through proper food intake and overall diet.  At Longevity Medical Clinic, there is an alternative to the “store vitamins”, which far exceeds in quality and efficacy.  It is the Longevity Essentials daily multivitamin supplementation.  Dr. Mixon explains how Longevity Essentials is a daily packet that contains six pills which contain fifty-six key ingredients of “things I want people to have.”  Through charts and slides, Dr. Mixon shares some of these ingredients and clarifies why the packets are especially designed for those 40 and above.

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