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Weight Management

Weight Management Program

Losing weight is challenging with our busy schedules and little time to cook nutritious meals. If we do lose weight through diet and exercise, it creeps back over time. That is why we developed our Weight Management Program to help you achieve your health and weight goals not just in the short term but with lasting results. It is a medical weight management system that uses advanced science to develop a personalized plan catered to your individual needs. Your doctor-supervised program is designed to be sustainable with long-term planning to transform how you look and feel for years to come.

How it Works

Our Weight Management Program comes with options specifically designed for you. How do you know which plan to select? Come in and complete our questionnaire, then meet with a Medical Assistant to discuss your medical history and goals, and undergo initial testing. Based on your test results, your physician will recommend solutions that best align with your health goals. Thereafter, your doctor will guide you step by step through a comprehensive prescription, nutrition, fitness, and supplement plan to boost your vitality and quality of life.

Program Overview

  • A 12-week program developed by your doctor
  • Physician consults & regular Medical Assistant check-ins
  • Medical staff certified in IAPAM’s internationally recognized Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program
  • A personalized, flexible plan tailored specifically to your goals
  • Advanced, innovative treatments & medications
  • Ongoing biometric screening to monitor your health markers over time
  • Nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle guidance from your provider
  • A customized supplement program to achieve your weight optimization and health goals
  • Safe, effective supervised weight loss to help you look great and live longer
Weight Management Program

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