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Reinvigorate Your Sexual Health

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50 percent of men over the age of 50 will experience sexual dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can damage your self-confidence and cause stress in relationships. Erectile performance may be difficult to talk about, but can be so important to a person’s well-being.

Longevity is excited to offer ViaSure, the first and only non-invasive treatment in the Kirkland, Bellevue, Seattle, and Tacoma areas to help improve erectile performance. For men suffering from sexual health concerns, ViaSure is a game-changer.

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Treat the Source not just the Symptom

Powered by SoftWave technology, the ViaSure treatment is scientifically proven to increase blood flow and restore smooth muscle cells, effectively treating the underlying causes of vascular-related performance issues. Which means no drugs, no surgery, no downtime.

No Other Treatment Harnesses Softwave Technology

ViaSure utilizes a patented reflector design ensuring optimal, consistent coverage and depth of shockwave energy. Upon delivery, a cellular response is triggered activating the body’s natural healing process resulting in the formation of new blood vessels to increase blood flow into the penis and the proliferation of smooth muscle cells to restore tissue elasticity.

Treat the cause of Peyronie's Disease

ViaSure treatment uses non-invasive acoustic waves to improve elasticity, blood flow and support healthy penile tissue. The unique SoftWave technology uses well-established, proven science for drug-free, surgery-free results. Fast, discreet sessions help restore vital blood flow, reduce constrictive scar tissue, and revive sexual pleasure.

How It Works

ViaSure uses acoustic shockwave technology to improve performance difficulties. The ViaSure treatment is a 15 minute-non-invasive, painless shockwave treatment that helps increase blood flow to the penis and trigger the body’s natural healing process to regenerate and improve the health of the tissues, making it one of the first non-invasive treatments to help improve erectile performance for patients.

The ViaSure device delivers shockwave energy optimally into the penile tissues. This triggers a cellular response to activate the body’s natural healing process. The body begins to form new blood vessels in the area which increases blood flow into the penis. The production of smooth muscle cells is also greatly increased, which restores tissue elasticity.

ViaSure treatments are complete in 4-6 sessions and take 15 minutes each. With ViaSure, you can improve your quality of life without a need for drugs, pain, surgery, or downtime.

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What results should I expect from ViaSure?

Maybe you're like many men and you’ve tried or considered prescription medications, uncomfortable devices, or disappointing “cures”? ViaSure has finally presented an effective treatment that doesn’t require incisions, medication, or pain, yet it delivers time-tested cell-changing technology to repair tissue and strengthen your erections.

The ViaSure laser and its procedures offered at the Kirkland and Tacoma clinic locations are designed to deliver masculine wellness without the need for surgery or drugs.

Discover the ViaSure Advantage!

  • Improves Erectile Dysfunction
  • Improves Chronic Pelvic Pain Symdrome
  • Formation Of New Blood Vessels
  • Increases Blood Flow To The Penis
  • Treats The Underlying Causes Of Vascular-Related Performance Issues

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