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Locations in Tacoma, Kirkland, and Lynnwood

The Longevity Program is an extensive optimal living & disease prevention program. Our comprehensive approach focuses on physical, cognitive, and emotional care customized for each patient’s needs. Through our leading edge medicine, hour long patient appointments, and scientifically proven disease prevention techniques we help our patients live better, feel younger, and stay healthy for years.

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If someone said you could feel better this coming year than you felt five, ten, or even fifteen years ago, you might think they’re crazy. Unless, of course, you’re a patient at Longevity Medical Clinic… because that’s exactly what we’ve been doing for thousands of patients for the last twenty years. To learn more, and yes, to feel and function better next year than you do right now, watch this free Longevity Medical Clinic video presentation.

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Introduction to Longevity

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Feel Younger, Live Better

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Diabetes Webinar

  • Tuesday May 21st - 12:15 pm

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Take the first step to Feel Younger, Live Better!

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Diabetes Webinar

  • Tuesday May 21st - 12:15 pm

  • Diabetes Webinar ,     

Take the first step to Feel Younger, Live Better!

Longevity Seminar
  • Introduction

    Dr. Mixon

    Heart Disease

  • Dementia

    Weight Loss