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Wednesday Feb 17th - 07:07 pm
Tacoma Convention Center
1500 Broadway
Tacoma,  WA  98402


Tuesday Feb 16th - 07:07 pm
Lynnwood Convention Center
3711 196th St. SW
Lynnwood,  WA  98036

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Longevity Seminar
  • Longevity Introduction


    We want our patients to forget "normal" and embrace optimal. The last 30 years of life don't have to be just endured. They can be celebrated! Celebration is much easier if you have the strength, energy, and passion for life you enjoyed in your youth. We make that happen every day.
  • Dr. Jerry Mixon

    Dr. Mixon

    Like most middle aged doctors I approached middle age over weight, out of shape, and some what depressed and generally finding myself slowing down in every aspect of life.
  • Heart Disease

    Heart Disease

    Everyone is familiar with chest pain and shortness of breath as a sign of heart disease. What they don't realize is the first sign of heart disease for half of all people is death. How's your heart health?
  • Dementia


    There is a genetic pattern that gives you 50/50 chance of becoming demented before age 60. The good news is if you have that pattern we can reduce your risks by 80% or better. Are you high risk?
  • Weight Loss

    Weight Loss

    There is a statistic that says by age 65 only 20% of Americans have normal weight. This grew out of a government study as they where looking at Medicare costs. They found it cost 50% more to treat overweight Medicare patients. We live in a society that 8-10 people are overweight to obese. How is your weight?
  • Intimacy


    Sexuality is a lot more then just sex. A healthy couple that is functioning in their ideal physiological range are very different form the standard middle age couple. But the reality is we regress over time. If we don't do something about it we end up neutered. How is your sexuality and sex life?
  • Diabetes


    Do we actually cure diabetes or put it into remission? The important thing is for 70% of people with diabetes we can bring blood sugar and insulin levels back to normal without using diabetic drugs. Learn more...
  • Thyroid


    Thyroid effects the way your heart develops. Low thyroid hormone increases your risk of congestive heart failure. It prevents your heart from remodeling itself after it has been damaged from a heart attack. Raising thyroid levels helps you grow new heart tissue. Learn more...