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Longevity Program

Optimal Living

Getting older is inevitable, but feeling younger is possible. You don’t have to accept the usual changes that come along with getting older. You can celebrate life with STRENGTH, ENERGY, AND AMBITION, once more. We help you do that. With leading edge medicine, a professional and experienced medical team works with each patient to slow, and often reverse, many of the changes you once thought inevitable. If you are ready for optimal health, join us as we partner with you to FEEL YOUNGER, LIVE BETTER!

How it Works

The Longevity Program is a customized, comprehensive model to help you achieve optimal health in a variety of different ways. We target the underlying cause of your symptoms, safely encouraging the body to repair and fight disease on its own. Not only will you start feeling better, you’ll also rest assured that you are taking safe, scientifically-proven, disease prevention techniques to help you stay healthy for years to come.

What it Includes

  • Five plus hours (minimum) of yearly one-on-one doctor time
  • Unlimited doctor access in-between visits
  • Five series of comprehensive lab analyses of your hormone levels, disease risk, and other biomarkers
  • Hormone replacement regimen designed around your body’s unique metabolism and endocrine system
  • Scientific supplementation which includes a safe regimen designed just for you
  • Disease prevention strategy designed by your doctor
  • A copy of our 100+ page Healthy Eating Plan, chock full of tips, information, and recipes to help you eat right, feel great, and lose weight
  • A patient handbook, giving you tools and information you need to help you achieve success
  • Special discounts and opportunities just for patients
  • Feel energetic and alive…priceless!
Longevity Program

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