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A New Flu Vaccine

By Dr. Jerry Mixon August 4, 2013


Do flu shots make you nervous? Many people have hesitated to get their flu shots because they either have an egg allergy, or they are afraid that the virus in the vaccine might trigger a case of influenza.

While the first worry does have some basis, the second worry is usually overblown. But now for people over 18 years of age, there is a new option. The FDA recently approved a new influenza vaccine called “Flublok”.

The new technology used for the vaccine does not use eggs or influenza virus. Instead, specific proteins found on the surface of influenza viruses are manufactured in the laboratory. Since these

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Protein & Weight Loss

By Dr. Jerry Mixon December 12, 2008

The most important thing to understand about overall health and wellness, especially weight loss and lean muscle-building, is that it depends on several critical factors. A common misconception is that diet and exercise alone is enough to reach a healthy weight. At Longevity Medical Clinic our goal is to approach acquiring a healthy weight from all angles, identifying issues contributing to weight gain including hormone balancing, an appropriate supplementation regimen, and an adequate water intake and amount of sleep. And of course, a healthy diet that includes an ideal amount of protein and a focused exercise program will combine for ultimate success. Read more...

The following is a response to one of our Longevity patients who is

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