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Longevity Memory

Improve Your Memory

Our minds are a beautiful and powerful part of who we are. Well cared for, they can last a lifetime. There are different levels of cognitive deterioration. Alzheimer’s disease is the most insidious, progressive stage that threatens the stability of our mind. From the time of diagnosis the average person has about 7 years to live. Up until now, the disease has been felt to be 100% fatal, and inexorable in its progress. The good news is that for those willing to make the effort, there is now an excellent chance that the disease can be stopped, and in many cases reversed.

How it Works

Longevity Medical Clinic, building on its own 17 years of experience and expertise in the field of aging, is now prepared to offer a comprehensive, individualized multi-modality program mirroring the UCLA study for patients with impairments related to Alzheimer’s disease or precursor conditions. Our memory program is based upon the most current scientific research.

Memory Program


  • Appointments Evaluations/Consultation
  • Extensive Blood/Lab Work
  • Cognition Testing and Analysis
  • Follow up Appointments
  • Specific Individual Proposal


  • Blood Draws
  • Doctor Lab Reviews
  • Cognitive Tests
  • Cognition Improvement Supplements
  • Intensive Monitoring and Support


  • Slow Brain Loss
  • Support Brain Repair
  • Help Remove Bet Amyloid
  • Decrease Neural Inflammation
  • Decrease Systemic Inflammation
  • Improve Immune Responses

Our Goals

  • Slow Brain Loss
  • Trigger Growth Factors
  • Metabolic Shift
  • Decrease Inflammation
  • Alter Immune Response
  • Help you become: Stronger, Faster, Leaner, Smarter, Sexier

Next Step

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