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post : The Worth of Annual Checkups

The Worth of Annual Checkups

By Longevity February 15, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments


The annual medical checkup is worthless. You probably heard that you should go to your doctor at least once a year to get your annual checkup. But a recent meta-analysis of 14 large studies demonstrated that annual exams seem to have no significant impact on your health or survival. In fact, serious questions were raised about not just the unnecessary cost of the yearly routine physical, but about both the cost and harm being done to people due to over diagnosis and treatment of conditions that are found during the exams. It seems that people who seldom or never get their annual physicals develop serious conditions, get hospitalized or die, at about the same rate as those who do. People who do go for their annual physicals, spend a lot more money on both medications and medical care during their lifetime. But they are no healthier! If you are sick, see the doctor. If not, don’t.

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