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post : Sarcopenia - Progressive Loss of Muscle Mass

Sarcopenia - Progressive Loss of Muscle Mass

By Samira Ummat, MD March 26, 2019 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sarcopenia is a progressive loss of muscle mass, which can contribute to a decline in function over time. Loss of muscle mass can increase visceral fat, which reduces basal metabolic rate and increases the risk for chronic diseases like inflammation, dementia, diabetes and arthritis.

Around age 30 we all begin to lose muscle, yet strong, lean muscle is more difficult to build as we grow older making it more and more valable, the true currency of aging. Our muscles make us strong and allow us to remain healthy, mobile and active. Muscles help to reduce inflammation by burning unnecessary fat, which causes chronic disease. As muscle decreases with age, visceral fat (deep abdominal fat) increases, which in turn increases the production of inflammatory cytokines and peptides that promote chronic disease. This includes cardiovascular disease, dementia, and other degenerative diseases. Progressive loss of muscle eventually leads to frailty, which is synonymous with aging.

Unfortunately, the inability to stay active and function normally will accelerate the rate of muscle loss. The rate of loss increases significantly after age 65. Subcutaneous fatty tissue (under the skin) increases, while muscle mass decreases. Muscle loss leads to increased inflammation, potentially decreased physical activity, and can become a self-perpetuating condition. It’s important to remember, any form of chronic illness will accentuate the loss of muscle mass. This impacts a persons’ ability to remain independent, healthy and vibrant. The more you sit on the couch, the more you are at risk for Sarcopenia.

Fortunately, it is possible to reverse this normal trend in muscle loss while improving muscle mass by remaining healthy and active. Remember, muscle is the currency of aging, muscle is incredibly valuable, as we age. We want to prevent muscle loss and maintain good muscle mass at all times, regardless of your age. Weight-bearing activities, resistance training, and adequate nutrition will all help, but the most important way to prevent Sarcopenia /muscle loss is comprehensive hormone replacement therapy. For example testosterone, improves muscle mass and bone health while preventing the loss of muscle. However, proper testosterone replacement is not as simple as a patch, pill, or shot; it requires precision testing, regular adjustment, and ongoing care. It is also critical to know that testosterone doesn't work alone, and is a part of the symphony of hormones, which if not managed correctly can have adverse effects by turning into estrogen in men, creating more fat and less muscle. Therefore, paying attention to each and every detail of this cascade of hormones (several hormones working together) is important in getting good results.

At Longevity Medical Clinic we understand that a combination of diet, nutrition, lifestyle, and comprehensive hormone replacement therapy can be far more successful in both preventing and reversing Sarcopenia. Talk to your Longevity physician today about your potential risks. If you are not a patient at Longevity Medical Clinic, schedule Free Health Analysis Appointment today to start your journey toward a healthier tomorrow.

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