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post : New Hair Using Plasma

New Hair Using Plasma

By Longevity February 15, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments


If you are not yet bald, but are getting rather thin on top, there is an new option to help you grow new hair. It’s called platelet rich plasma injections. Platelets are tiny structures in your blood, which helped plug little breaks in your blood vessels. Platelets contain nine separate growth factors which are released to trigger rapid healing should you suffer damage to a blood vessel. In this procedure a few vials of your own blood are drawn with a needle. The blood is spun down and the platelets are concentrated and separated into a smaller volume of plasma. This platelet rich plasma can then be injected into 100 or more tiny points across your scalp. The growth factors released seem to trigger the hair follicles back to robust growth. I have seen men and women who have doubled and tripled the amount of hair on their head by this simple and relatively inexpensive procedure.

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