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post : Is Genetics Nature or Nurture?

Is Genetics Nature or Nurture?

By Dr. Jerry Mixon October 13, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

When it comes to health, people often say, “Genetics is destiny.” In other words, you were born pre-wired for the condition of your health today. Is that true? Well – yes and no.

When I was a lad in medicine, the great debate was over "Nature vs. Nurture."  We were taught the prevailing wisdom that there were aspects of our lives that were determined by our genetic code and others that were a function of our environment.  The debate concerned which factors fell into which category.  Based on the medical knowledge we have today, it turns out that much of the intellectual and emotional energy of that debate was wasted.  Now we know that a great deal of what we call “our genetic predisposition” is dramatically influenced by our environment. In other words, Nature is significantly affected by Nurture.

Of course, this doesn’t mean your genes actually change.  They were fixed when the egg and sperm provided by your parents first came together and you started to grow.  The error we made in the Nature vs. Nurture debate was in oversimplifying what our genetic code actually consisted of.  It turns out that a great number of our genes actually seem to operate like on/off switches.  Those switches can be flipped off or on depending on our environment, behavior, and even our emotional state – that is, depending on the choices we make.

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