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post : How to Grow Thick, Smooth, and Attractive Skin

How to Grow Thick, Smooth, and Attractive Skin

By Dr. Jerry Mixon July 27, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments


One unpleasant aspect of normal aging is that we start developing wrinkles and creases on our faces. Botox and fillers have become the fix of choice.

While paralyzing muscles and injecting fillers under the skin covers up the problem, it’s not my favorite approach. I would rather help people grow thicker, more elastic, and more attractive skin. One of my favorite tricks is to have the compounding pharmacy make up a progesterone cream in a vanishing cream base. This can be applied lightly to the areas around the eyes, forehead, or mouth twice a day. The progesterone stimulates the skin to grow thicker and become more elastic. While it will not fill in deep creases or wrinkles, it does a very nice job of filling or at least softening, the fine wrinkles that usually appear in middle-age.

This trick does not involve needles or expensive fillers. It’s fast, easy, cheap and natural.

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