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Fast Food & Allergies

By Dr. Jerry Mixon August 13, 2013

Fast food is both fast and cheap. This makes it popular for parents and children alike. But beware, fast food does more damage than just making you fat.

A recent international study of asthma and allergies in childhood demonstrated that children who eat fast food three or more times per week, have a 30% increase in their incidence of asthma, eczema, and hay fever. Thus far, no one knows if it’s the high-fat diet or the fact that these kids tend to weigh more than normal, damaging their immune systems, or if there is something in the way of food additives or even the way the fast food is prepared, that is damaging these children.

There is obviously a lot we don’t know. But this much is clear, you should limit fast food for both you and your children to the status of an infrequent treat. Those quick takeout meals are convenient and inexpensive, but they may be dangerous.

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How Not to Get Sick From Your Food

By Dr. Jerry Mixon July 11, 2013

Veggies are great for you, so long as they're clean first. Veggies are great for you, so long as they're clean first.

Each year, one American in six gets a case of food poisoning. Now, the Center for Disease Control has given us some new information on which foods seem to be causing the problems. Surprisingly, the single most common cause are leafy green vegetables, fruits and nuts.

The single most common place for contamination of these foods is in restaurant kitchens. One contaminated food handler with bad hand-washing habits can spread norovirus to dozens or even hundreds of people.

The second most common source of contamination is your own kitchen. They recommend

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Do Doctors Know Everything?

By Dr. Jerry Mixon September 14, 2009

Some patients get upset if I will not accept, on faith, that their latest homeopathic, holistic, ionized, wheat grass remedy (you get the idea) was unlikely to cure their arthritis. Many years ago I accepted the fact that there are many things I do not, and probably never will, know.  But I like to think I know SOMETHING.

I think the perception that we doctors don’t know anything derives from how often patients get told crazy, conflicting health advice. Consider a man who was born in 1949 who would be about 60 now. In his lifetime, he would have seen doctors talk about which brand of cigarettes had the greatest health benefits and that a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs was healthy. However, he would also remember being told that the cholesterol in eggs and bacon would kill him but then he’d recall being told that maybe it wasn’t as bad as we originally thought. More recently, he has probably heard that there is good and bad cholesterol and he needs to get

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Are You a Pregnant Horse?

By Dr. Jerry Mixon August 4, 2009

I came across a news item the other day that irritated me. It was another one of those stories about how dangerous estrogen therapy is for post-menopausal women. It contained the usual tsking and finger-wagging over doctors who felt it necessary to interfere with the ‘natural process of aging and menopause’ and the horrible risks of cancer they cause while doing it.

There’s so much wrong with that position I scarcely know where to begin. First off, we scarcely need to discuss my opinion of the ‘the natural process of aging’. Suffice it to say, the natural process of aging is one of slow decline into a pitiable, crippled, wretched shell of a human being. My opinion: we don’t have to just give up like that.

The medical community started giving estrogen to post-menopausal women nearly 50 years ago for excellent reasons. Without it the health and quality of life of post-menopausal women was declining so precipitously, it became apparent that

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Ever wonder what's in toad venom?

By Dr. Jerry Mixon June 14, 2008

Welcome to the first Longevity Medical Clinic Online Journal!Here you will find health and medical news, the very latest in leading edge technologies, and my opinions and comments from a modern medical perspective. I find this very neat! I just love the idea of a place where I get to rant about whatever I choose. Who wouldn't? So here it is:The subject today is Toad Venom. I know, this is not the hottest topic on your mind. But remember, I get to rant on whatever I choose! I read an article today about a 35 year-old fellow in New York City who died after eating what was purported to be an aphrodisiac made from toad venom. This stuff is being sold under a host of names such as "Chinese Rock, Jamaican Stone, Love Rock, etc. The word on the street is that this stuff is an aphrodisiac and hallucinogen. They take toad venom, mix it with an organic resin and sell it to people with more ready cash than brains. Some folks smoke it, others lick it, a few totally

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