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post : Are you losing your MIND?

Are you losing your MIND?

By Dr. Jerry Mixon September 12, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Brains SHRINK with age, but why?

The average brain shrinks about 0.5mm per year after age 50; those with Alzheimer’s may lose up to 2mm annually. This loss is “normally” accompanied by a decline in memory and mental agility. Sure, losing your mind is a “normal” part of aging. But normal is not my goal. We all know what I think about being normal, it STINKS! The fact is, your brain does not have to shrink as you get older. There are those rare individuals who have robust brains into their 80s and even 90s. If you want to be one of them, here is how you go about it.

First of all, give your brain the Omega 3 fats it needs for repair and maintenance. About 70% of your brain is made of Omega-3 fatty acids. Taking enough of LMC’s Ultra Omega will give you the raw material to work with. The next step is to stimulate your body to use that raw material for brain support.

Second, do not accept the “normal” decline of your sex hormone levels. Estrogen protects the brains of women and testosterone is equally vital for active robust mental activity in men. These are potent hormones. When used correctly they can do great good. When used inappropriately they can do great harm. If you want to find out how I think these hormones are best used, come to a free Longevity Seminar. I will spend 90 minutes telling you how I think they should be used.

Third, take a big healthy dose of B vitamins every day. I personally recommend LMC's Optimal B. It is designed to enhance brain and nerve function, promote bone marrow activity, and inhibit the development of heart disease and high blood pressure. Several of the B vitamins have been repeatedly shown in peer-reviewed studies to be associated with lower risk of dementia and degenerative neurologic conditions.

A new study published this month in Neurology was the latest. 107 people over 60, with “normal” B-12 levels were followed for five years. Each year brain scans were performed to check brain size, B-12 levels were obtained, and level of mental acuity was measured. Remember, all of these people had normal B-12 levels. Where they were in the “normal” range had an enormous impact on their risk of brain shrinkage. If you divide them into three groups based on their Vitamin B-12 levels, the lowest 1/3 had six times the risk of brain shrinkage of those in the highest group. Never accept hearing your doctor say your test is normal. A low-normal B-12 can give you a 600% increase of risk over a high-normal B-12 level. Measure, measure, measure!

Fourth, exercise makes a difference. People who exercise 30 minutes a day cut their risk of dementia, heart disease, strokes, and cancer. Get up and move!

Finally and most important of all, become a patient of Longevity Medical Clinic. Let our doctors help keep you from losing your marbles!

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