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Exercise Bursts Are More Efficient

By Dr. Jerry Mixon July 18, 2013


Over the decades aerobic exercise has developed into a quasi-cult. But the latest science tells us that short intense bursts of exercise are more efficient at shifting our metabolism than long stretches of aerobic activity.

If you change your exercise routine into four or five short intense bursts of exercise that leave you breathless, separated by three or four minutes of gentle exercise that allow you to recover, your body quickly shifts into fat burning mode. Studies show that these bursts of activity separated by gentle rest periods effectively lower your risk of diabetes, increase fat burning and enhance both sexuality and mental acuity.


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The "B-Word"

By Dr. Jerry Mixon May 15, 2009

I’m back to write a little about my favorite topic aside from Longevity medicine – aesthetics! If you’re a Longevity groupie, you’ve probably heard us talking on Beautiful You about aesthetic procedures, treatments, and medicine. Now I’m all for the “natural” approach…green tea, pure-distilled water, veggies, supplements without the unnecessary fillers, and properly-balanced hormones are all in Dr. Mixon’s arsenal for a long, healthy life. But what about the unfortunate result of sun, pollution, mother nature’s forces like wind, snow, rain, and even gravity and stress? All these take a toll not only on the way you feel but also the way you look. It’s just not fair! You may have taken good care of yourself your whole life, never smoked, always eat healthy, and exercise routinely. Still, you wake up in the morning to find an old wrinkled prune face staring back at you in the mirror.

One solution I want to discuss in particular is the

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