About Us

About Longevity Medical Clinic

We do something peculiar. At Longevity, we work for the patients, NOT the insurance companies. Our mission is simple. We are passionate about providing leading-edge medicine and services designed to enhance longevity and quality of life. Longevity Medical Clinic is a membership-based medical practice that works exclusively for the benefit and well-being of our patients, outside the restrictive confines of typical insurance company mandates.

Longevity Medical Clinic can help you:
  • Measure your bio-markers to find out where you are in your personal aging odyssey
  • Take advantage of the latest discoveries in diet, exercise and lifestyle changes to slow the aging process
  • Enhance your strength, endurance, and sense of well-being in everyday life
  • Use the latest in medical technology to slow, and often reverse, many of the changes you once thought inevitable
  • Take advantage of lifestyle and supplement programs specifically designed to lower your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and dementia
  • Bring your adult-onset Diabetes under control by correcting the underlying pathology, often curing the disease itself
  • Reverse the process of plaque buildup that clogs arteries rather than simply treating the symptoms of Atherosclerotic heart disease